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Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 74

Happy Halloween

Making Jack-o’-Lantern

Also at the Regency Restaurant
Halloween makeup
Halloween photo corner
Halloween party night
Helloween DJ Night
    At Sea
  • Local time October 30 (Sun) / UTC-5


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 73

In Jamaica, I went to Old Fort Craft Market by taxi and I bought some craftwork product.
Next, I went to Local Restaurant and ordered Red Stripe beer, Oxtail and Festival.
Red Stripe is local beer, and Oxtail is meat from the tail of a cow.
Festival are small fried cake of sweetened dough, shape of a stick.
Red Stripeは地ビールで、Oxtailは牛の尾の肉です。

Total for $ 17.67.

National Heroes Monument
(Sam Sharpe Square)

サム シャープは、奴隷の身でありながら宣教師としての活動も認められ、反奴隷運動の指導者であった。

The ston Cage
built in 1806


St James Parish Church
built between 1775 and 1782


Stained glass window was installed in 1911.


    Montego Bay (Jamaica)
  • Local time October 29 (Sat) / UTC-5


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ 70-71

San Carlos and San Ambrosio Seminary


Havana Cathedral


Mural in Havana
Author: Andrés Carrillo
Plaza de Armas
parquet of wood


Ministerio del Interior de Cuba


I stayed resort hotel on the tour and that is four star class in Cuba.
I swam, next used waterslide in the pool.
After that, I went to Spa but it was broken.
Next, I came back my room and I realized missing the plug in my bathtub, so I called reception and said my bathtub is broken.
Then repair man came to room and checked bath, but he didn’t have spare plug,
Then he said something in Spanish and went away.
A little while later, I went to concierge-disk and said once again.
After that, I could got the plug but I had to wait quite for some time.

At Waiting time, I bought internet card, but Wi-Fi system was also broken this hotel.

There was a buffet restaurant that inclusive free but foods menu was all time same.

But since I can understand that it is their precious hospitality, I think that I want to visit Cuba again in a few years.

    Havana (Cuba)
  • Local time October 26 (Wed) and 27 (Thu) / DST-4(Daylight Saving Time)
  • on Thursday, Time Adjustment “-1 hour” at midnight. / UTC-5


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 69

It painted in my jeans and food hoodies with Stencil.

魂に触れ… 共存

    At Sea
  • Local time October 25 (Tue) / DST-4(Daylight Saving Time)


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 68

Ocean Dream & Carnival Victory

Carnival Victory
101,509 GT
Carnival Corporation & plc

Carnival Victory, Elation, Norwegian Getaway & Allure of The Seas

MS Allure of the Seas
225,282 GT
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Bahama Rum Cake Factory


a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or ” aft “, part of the superstructure of a ship.

It is introduced as a restaurant in Japan, but it is in a corner of a boat(yacht) house where Seaman gathers.

Poop Deckとは、船尾楼甲板のことです。


Bahama Mama is said to have invented by Oswald Greenslade who works at Poop Deck.

バハマ ママは、プープデッキで働いているオズワルド・グリーンスレイド氏によって発明されたと言われています。

My friends went to Atlantis and, unusually, on the day before my mother died, I had ordered a cuisine I ate with a seafood-loving mother.

Leave traces on Hurricane Matthew.

ハリケーン・マシューの痕跡を残す。(Poop DeckのHPには、マシューに備えるため10月4日は15時に閉店すると告知がありました。)



Carnival Elation
70,367 GT
Carnival Corporation & plc
Norwegian Getaway
145,655 GT
Norwegian Cruise Line

Catamaran, Sunset Evening Cruise.
    Nassau (Bahamas)
  • Local time October 24 (Mon) / DST-4(Daylight Saving Time)


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 67

Departing New York, It could have there a lot of exciting and active events was scehduled.


    At Sea
  • Local time October 23 (Sun) / DST-4(Daylight Saving Time)


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ 64-65

October 20, 2016

After the sailing of 8 nights, It passed the front of the Statue of Liberty around 6 a.m. where the sun did not yet rise, and entered Manhattan port in New York.

Dubliner – Irish pub on 45 Stone Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.
We walked towards the station to catch the subway.
My metro card has insufficient, so I charged it.

On the way back to the Peace Boat, one of my friends asked, “Can we stop by McDonald?” And we connected to free wi-fi.

I went-to Eugene O’Neill Theater in Broadway New York and watched musical.
The name of the musical is The Book of Mormon.

At there, I bought Musical CD and logo T-Shirt.
It cost 50 dollars and paid by credit card.

Next, I ordered a double Baileys on the rocks at Theater Bar and paid 29 dollars by cash, because I read the warning that they can buy only cash.

After that, I sat my reserved seat which in the 10th row.

It was a very nice seat!

After the musical, I learned the meaning of the T-shirt’s logo.
It is said that it is Ugandan

“EEBOWAI” means “God” and “HASA DIGA” means “Fuck you” .in English.
So that is Fuck You, God!

“Elder Cunningham”, the leading character, looks like a suitable person, but he have a warm feeling.
He works as a missionary and is shy.


どうせなら、NYでしか見れないようなものがいいとおもい、「The Book of Mormon」のチケットを予約した。


Manhattan Cruise Terminal
adjustable gangway.
Moran’s tugboat.
Peace Boat was departed pier 90th in the New York that was dedicated pier for “Cunard Line” when heyday of Ocean Liners.
    Manhattan/New York (USA)
  • Local time October 20 (Thu) and 21 (Wed) / DST-4(Daylight Saving Time)


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 61

On 16th, the ship avoided the storm and navigated the Gulf of St. Lawrence, between Newfoundland and Quebec.


MS Regatta / 30,277 GT
Oceania Cruises

    At Atlantic Ocean
  • Local time October 17 (Mon) / UTC-2
  • Time Adjustment “-1 hour” at midnight. / UTC-3


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 60

The Marco Polo which was scheduled to depart after us at Reykjavik could not leave because Reykjavik Port came to sealed.


MS Marco Polo / 22,080 GT
Story Cruise Ltd

    At Atlantic Ocean
  • Local time October 16 (Sun) / UTC-2


Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ 55-56

Due to bad weather, also after the arrival in Reykjavik, tour changes and cancellations continue one after another.
Þingvellir / Gjá

シンクヴェトリル / 地球の割れ目


Gullfoss / グトルフォス

1段目、幅約70m 落差約15m

※ If it is fine weather, it will be like this.


At midnight Casablanca, my friend gave and poured me Rose wine into the glass.
It was interesting to continue the conversation with friends while catch the glass that gliding in the ship ‘s Rolling.

深夜Casablancaで、友達がRose wineをglassに注いでくれた。
    Reykjavik (Iceland)
  • Local time October 11 (Tue) and 12 (Wed) / UTC+-0

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