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Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 75

Get Challenge Programme in Panama.

First, from the observation of the rainforest.

Insect / 昆虫


Fig / イチジク

Leaf-Cutter ants / リーフカッターアリ

Ant leaf cutters used the leaves to grow mushrooms.

Trogan / キヌバネドリ
And a Boat Tour of Gatun Lake.

Grey heron / アオサギ

Sloth / ナマケモノ

It lives in the tree, Every day it is sleeping, it has long hair.

Mantled Howler Monkey / マントホエザル

The monkeys were moving in the trees, eating the leaves.

Toucan / オオハシ
    Colon/Cristobal (Panama)
  • Local time October 31 (Mon) / UTC-5