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Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage/ Day 80

I stayed Casa Antigua Hotel, but my room was too small, they had a single bed, semi-double bed and small desk only.
And I had to stay with one of tour member, but He had snoring during the night, so I wasn’t sleep well.

Upon wake time, was misty rain and breakfast served into terrace.
I heard that “If you want to eat breakfast in your room, you can take it.” but, we didn’t have a table and table chair.
How are we eat breakfast in our room?(Lol)

Old US school buses repurposed for local transport.

San Francisco Church
Butcher shop of Don Lipe

Don Lipeさんの肉屋

Visit to
Asociacion Minnasan

Have lunch
corn tortilla, made from white corn



mushroom has the best proteins.

    Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala) / The 2nd day
  • Local time November 5 (Sat) / UTC-6

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